Zinc Hydroxy Stannate

This product is an antimony replacement that has a wide range of applications in PVC, polyolefins, adhesives, and coatings. Whether you are producing plenum, flexible, rigid, or NBR this product could be the solution you are looking for.

Zinc Stannate

This innovative antimony replacement has an even wider range of uses—including nylon. Plenum, flexible, rigid, NBR, polyolefins, nylons, adhesives, and coatings are all suitable uses for one of most versatile products.

Antimony Replacement

These flame retardants are designed for full or partial replacement of Antimony Trioxide. Whether you are looking to improve your processing of PVC Plenum or reduce your Antimony usage, these products may be able to help.

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Charmax LS ZHS

Charmax LS ZHS is a high-quality antimony replacement.

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Charmax LS ZST

Charmax LS ZST is a wide-range antimony replacement applicable in almost every type of PVC and more.

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Charmax FR Z30S/A-100, Charmax FR Z20S/A-300

These may be able to help replace or reduce Antimony usage and improve PVC plenum processing.

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