PAG is a  leading worldwide manufacturer of unique and custom Flame Retardant and Smoke Suppressant products for various industries including Wire and Cable, Fabrics, Coatings, and Adhesives.

A Market Leader in Flame Retardant and Smoke Suppressant Products for the Plastics Industry

At Polymer Additives Group, we make it our mission to manufacture leading-edge flame retardants and smoke suppressants for polyethylene and plastics. We offer a variety of commodity-based products, along with the ability to develop customizable solutions for every customer. Our commitment to our customers is to add precious time in the case of an emergency by providing cost-saving, high-quality products with unsurpassed customer service.

Wire and Cable

Wire & Cable

PAG offers a wide variety of products to meet your demanding wire & cable, flame retardant, and smoke suppressant needs. From Antimony synergist, Antimony-Free replacements, and Ammonium Octamolybdate. We help you to meet the demanding smoke applications with many different products—such as Zinc Borates, Phosphorous and Brominated plasticizers, and various Molybdate chemistries.



PAG offers products that are produced in a synergistic way to reduce smoke levels in a variety of Rigid and Flexible PVC applications. Utilizing Ammonium Octamolybdate, along with different Borate, Molybdate, Stannate and Hydrate chemistries. PAG has an arsenal of off-the-shelf products that can be customized to meet the most stringent flame and smoke requirements.


Paint & Coatings

PAG offers a wide variety of flame retardant and intumescent solutions for the coatings industry. As the demand for various flame and smoke suppressant applications increases, so does the capabilities of these products. While intumescent-based flame retardants have been the main products for these applications, new requirements have forced producers to higher performing products. PAG has met these challenges with various Borate and Molybdate based products.

Expertise in Proprietary Blending / Surface Treatment Techniques and Wet Chemistry

At PAG, we have both dry and wet reaction chemistry technology. This gives us the ability to offer a wide range of smoke suppressant and flame retardant products and treatments for plastics and polyethylene. We have several types of milling, blending and packaging capabilities which helps us to meet our customer’s particle size, product, and loading level needs.

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