Advanced lab facilities and expert chemists are a critical component in providing and testing custom solutions for PAG customers. Compounds are modeled and tested on site, ensuring quality and efficiency.

The Science Behind the Performance

Polymer Additives Group is a market leader in improving and modifying current flame retardants and smoke suppressants. We strive to stay ahead of the new technologies, chemistries, and ever-changing markets. As a team, we stand by our commitment to provide exceptional services in: applications, formulations, and process development for new environmental friendly non-halogen Flame Retardant and Smoke Suppressant additives. Through this, PAG is consistently able to meet customer requirements for quality and technical services.

Burn Tests
At PAG we have intensive experience in flammability testing methods that supports: automotive, construction, wire and cable, specialty coatings, and aerospace segments. We focus on ASTM an UL standardized test methods, some of our capabilities are: Oxygen Index ASTM D2863, E662, Horizontal and Vertical Burn Test, UL94 and D4896 and Monsanto 2-Foot Tunnel Test D 3806 that measures char length, flame spread and smoke density.

Compound Construction
We are focusing on the next generation of non-halogenated FR compounds for PVC, Polyolefins and reinforced GF nylon. Our objective is to improve char-hardness and Intumescents, along with investigating Biodegradable flame retardant compounds that are based on PLA resins.

Structural Engineering
We have the knowledge and global resources to focus on the next generation of flame retardants and smoke suppressants. We are committed to providing new additives that meet cost and performance; our sustainable FR additives and compounds are engineered to meet the demands of our customers. We advance our customer ideas from concept to commercialization.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Compound Construction

Compound Construction

Burn Testing

Burn Testing

Safety First

Polymer Additives Group is committed to providing the highest standard of safety to our employees, customers, and the environment. We continuously meet customer expectations and deliver high-quality customer service while always keeping safety as a top priority.

Polymer Additives Group is an ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility.

Common Questions

What if the standard off-the-shelf products do not provide the necessary solution to my application needs?

PAG has the ability to customize our solution to meet your needs which may be both application specific and formulation specific.

Why should I consider PAG to source AOM, the most effective smoke suppressant on the market for PVC?

PAG is one of only two suppliers that provide both the alpha and beta AOM crystals. Our quality – purity and particle size – surpasses all other AOMs in the market.

Does PAG have the ability to surface treat products?

PAG has the ability to apply a variety of surface chemistries to our products utilizing different coating techniques.

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